Rev. Marion Henshaw
Director/Teacher, BPI of Sacramento

marion_henshawWhen I found Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI), I was emotionally stuck, not really overcoming my childhood.  All this despite any accomplishments or credentials I’d achieved in life.  Through meditation, healings and readings, I got back my self-worth and inner power.  I became a big believer in miracles and the abundance of the universe, and I discovered what it feels like to be in communication with the Supreme Being on a real level.  Want to get in touch with yourself, let go of the past and create miracles?  Stop by for a reading or healing today and experience your own light.


Rev. Robyn Slavich
Assistant Director/Teacher, BPI of Sacramento

Robyn Slavich is a graduate of the Church of Divine Man’s Ministry Program and the Teacher’s Program. She has been involved with the Institute since 2013, and is currently the Assistant Director of the Sacramento Mission. She truly enjoys teaching in psychic kindergarten where she gets to watch others own their spiritual abilities and create miracles!

Robyn currently teaches Meditation 1 and 2, Healing 1 and 2, and Women’s Intuition classes. She is also in the Hands on Healing Program. She is grateful to have found a safe place to practice shining her light.

Rev. Melissa Leeson

melissa_leesonMelissa Leeson is a graduate of the Church of Divine Man’s Ministry Program, with training that has facilitated natural healing and spiritual communication to individuals and businesses alike.  Currently Melissa is a Commissioned Minister on Church of Divine Man’s staff where she presents her answers to life’s questions in a fun and easy way to understand.  Her inspirational discussions contain her sincerity of faith, genuine spirit, enthusiasm and comical frankness that have changed the hearts, minds and lives of many.

Rev. Steve Drlica
Teacher, BPI Sacramento


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I graduated from the Clairvoyant Program around 1982.  I went through the Ministers In Training, the Teacher’s Program, I was the first graduate of Lewis’s five-year Trans Medium (TM) Program, and did two years in the TM Control Program.  I was the Assistant Pastor in Santa Rosa for a short while. I worked in the male program for many years with other teachers.  I did the One to One Program with Lewis. I started the pet readings at the psychic fairs.

Currently I am teaching the healing classes,  men’s classes, run the male healing clinic on Monday nights, am involved with trans medium events in Sacramento every 3rd Friday of the month, and run the graduate readings on the other Fridays in Sacramento.  I have taught several clairvoyant classes. I am also in the Hands on Healing Program.

I have been a veterinarian for 46 years  and am still working in animal welfare for the federal government and do vaccine clinics on  the weekends.  With my extra time, I play on my tractor  at my 160 acre ranch north of Grass Valley in the Gold Country.

Rev. Glenda Gorman
Teacher, BPI Sacramento

glenda_gormanGlenda has been teaching meditation and healing classes and training psychics for almost 20 years. She loves to play in kindergarten. Glenda recently moved out-of-state, but still participates in BPI events via videoconferencing technology.

Rev. Aleta Sage
Teacher, BPI Sacramento

aleta_sageAleta loves teaching meditation and is pretty sure she was born to do it.  Her first time meditating was when she was 16 years old after reading directions in National Geographic magazine. A couple years later she started a three-day-a-week meditation and yoga program,  which she was devoted to for years.  But for her, nothing compares to psychic kindergarten. Thirteen years ago she found BPI and has had the best meditation adventure ever since!

Rev. Vickie Schultz
Teacher, BPI Sacramento

vickie_shultzHello my name is Rev. Vickie Schultz. I have been a massage therapist for 20+ years. It has taught me a lot about people and energies. Coming to the Berkeley Psychic Institute for over 10 years has given me the ability to create a life where I can make my own choices, using simple energy tools. I am thankful for the awareness and freedom this has given me.

Here at BPI I enjoy teaching classes on the psychic tools I have learned. I also have an awesome time doing readings. I’m amazed at how a “spirit to spirit” hello can change a person’s life in minutes. I feel blessed to be able to help others while helping myself.

Rev. Ben Doolittle
Teacher, BPI Sacramento

ben_doolittleI was born into a fairly conservative family that believed in the value of education, hard work and church on Sundays. Psychic readings and aura healings were as foreign as little green men from outer space, and just about as scary. However, I witnessed someone close to me heal themselves choosing to meditate instead of medicate. I took Meditation I and began to see the power of looking inward for your own answers. That was over 10 years ago and I am amazed daily by what a gift it is to be aware of my psychic tools. The neat part is I can teach you how to be psychic, too!

Rev. Rikki Paxton
Teacher, BPI Sacramento

rikki_paxtonRikki is a born healer. She always knew she had gift to heal. In 1996 she discovered BPI with a friend when they were looking for a past life reading. Little did she know, there was a location in Sacramento! She discovered and uncovered so much in that reading, that she took every class available and joined the Clairvoyant Program in 1999. In 2001 she graduated from the Hands On Healing Program. She currently runs the Aura Healing Clinic, and loves the energy at the Institute.  She loves nature, animals, people, flowers and miracles!