Man and woman talking.Have you ever noticed your communication didn’t go through as you intended?  Have you ever felt like what you said was misinterpreted?  Have you ever wished you could express yourself without having to open your mouth?

We often communicate from old paradigms or past experiences.

If you look at communication from a psychic perspective, it is a flow of energy. We will play with the energy of communication, learning to say hello not just to a person’s body but to their spirit at the same time.  We will begin to recognize the difference between our own ability to communicate as a spirit  versus how we were taught to communicate.

Stay tuned for our next class dates!

  • Prerequisite:  Meditation 1 or Meditation 101 Series
  • Contribution: $225 or $200 if prepaid before class.
  • Includes a 1/2 hour reading on your ability to communicate.

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