Picture of a red roseOnline Psychic Readings and Aura Healings Through Zoom

We offer complimentary aura healings and 10-15 minute psychic readings by donation. See our calendar for upcoming fair dates.

Next Psychic Fair

Saturday, Oct. 24 and Sunday, Oct. 25
1-6 p.m. (arrive online by 5:30 p.m.)

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How to Register for a Reading

Psychic readings can be ordered ahead of time or the day of the fair. To sign up for readings and make your contribution, please select one:

Once you’ve made your contribution, scroll down to take a look at our reading topics list. Then enter the online Zoom room for the Psychic Fair.  

Female body meditating.Psychic Fair Readings

Have you ever wondered about a past life? Interested in getting a reading about your relationship, love life or family? Want to know more about your spirit guides? This is the time to get that spiritual hello!


  • Astral Travel: What happens to you when you dream?
  • Aura: What color is your aura today?
  • Bodyweight: Why does your body like to put on weight?
  • Career: What abilities do you have that would help you to improve your job situation?
  • Family Reading: Individual or group of family members can ask questions about family and get spiritual communication.
  • Female Energy: What are you manifesting with your creative female flow?
  • Future: What are you creating for yourself in the year ahead?
  • Kundalini: How are you running this dynamic healing force in your body?
  • Love Life: What happens when you create space to say hello to a partner?
  • Money: How can you create more of it and be able to enjoy it?
  • Next Step: A spiritual counseling experience for you.
  • Nutrition: What special nutritional needs have you created for your body?
  • Past Life: What past lives are you drawing information from to help solve problems in this lifetime?
  • Relationship: What is interfering with the communication in your relationship?
  • Spirit Guide: What do your guides look like and what information are you drawing from them?
  • Trancemedium: How do other spirits affect you — are you in or out of your body?


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