Hands with healing power.What is a Hands on Healing?

This healing includes the gentle laying on of hands while you sit in a chair (clinic) or lay on a massage table (ask if available at appointment). The healer helps you heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically, while you regain vital energy, and release anxiety and stress from daily life or past time trauma.

Healing Types: Drop-in clinic; session appointment
Length: 5 minute (drop-in); 30-40 minute (appointment)
Contribution: Free will donation at clinic (free) or $60 for appointments. Student appointments are $40.


  • Drop-in clinic is after our monthly Sunday Church service.
  • Appointments (40 minutes) are available on the first and third Mondays of each month (performed by graduates of the Hands on Healing Program).
  • Student appointments (30 minutes) are available on the third Fridays of each month (performed by students in the Hands on Healing Program).

Make an Appointment:

Book your appointment using the links below or call 916-441-7780.



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