We offer spiritual counselings with our trained Clairvoyant Students and BPI Graduates. While we do not record readings, you are welcome to bring your own device to record your reading.

Reading Special
Novice Reading: $29 (regularly $40)
Graduate Reading: $69 (regularly $80)

Clairvoyant Aura Reading

Aura ReadingThis is a reading done by students in our Clairvoyant Program. We look at your past lives, aura, chakras, and answer questions.

Contribution: $40 $29

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Graduate Readings

Aura Reading

These are readings done by psychics who have graduated from the Clairvoyant program. All readings include time for your questions, healing work and a Next Step.

Contribution: $80 $69

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Professional Readings

Professional Readings

Our graduates and staff offer professional psychic readings that are tailored specifically to your topics.

Contribution: $200+ according to reader

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Psychic Fair

Psychic FairExplore aura readings, tarot, male/female energy, aura healings and much more.

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Deja Vu Psychic Hotline

Deja Vu

Get a clairvoyant reading, healing, or trance medium healing by phone! Readings available every day 8 a.m.-10 p.m. PST. No appointment necessary.


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