Thursdays, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
October 8 – November 12, 2020
Taught by Rev. Vickie Schultz

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You and Your Mother and is counted as part of Women’s Intuition Series.

  • Prerequisites: Meditation 1 or Meditation 101 Series, and a female body.
  • Contribution: $225 (payable in installments, call 916-441-7780 to arrange), or $200 if prepaid online or in person. Includes a free energy check!

Our mothers gave us the gift of our lives. As women, our relationship with our mothers affects us deeply, often in an unconscious way. We are grateful for many good things our mothers have taught us, but we are also separate entities with unique goals. There are also painful memories and situations that we wish to heal and overcome, be it blame, resentment, guilt, disease, etc. The purpose of this class is to start to say hello to our mother’s energy in our space and begin to release that which no longer serves us, including emotional energy, unconscious expectations, invalidation, perfect pictures and more.

  • Are you unnecessarily healing something in your space that belongs to your mother?
  • Would you like to begin to reset your relationship with her? (Whether she is alive or has already passed away.)
  • Is there an obstacle in your life that presents itself as a roadblock, in part, due to your relationship with your mother?

Join us in this unique class for women and begin to say hello to your unique self and release energy that no longer serves you from your mother!  Plus, find some amusement along the way! You will learn how to:

  • Start to recognize the difference between you and your mother’s energy.
  • Begin to release invalidation and expectations that no longer serve you, and take a step towards healing your relationship with yourself and with your mother.
  • Begin to say hello to and release foreign pain and healing agreements from your mother.
  • Work the energy of birthing and reset your relationship with who you are apart from your mother.
  • Raise your havingness and reset your relationship with your mother for yourself.